GLUTAX 200GS Diamond Bright



Reasons Why Diamond Bright Online is one of the quality Resurfacing substances.
the usage of quartz method you could relaxation assured that your pool end received’t dissolve, will stay slip-resistant, gained’t cause unpleasant staining – and it gained’t go to pot unexpectedly cutting-edge common contact with pool chemical substances.

1). proof against Pool chemical compounds
Diamond Bright Online insoluble quartz combination stays unaffected through the cruelest pool chemical compounds and resists permanent staining.

2). resistant to Stains
The impermeable quartz used in Diamond Brite resists stains and etching caused by harsh pool chemicals. And, unlike the traditional marble pool plasters, Diamond Brite can without problems be tired and wiped clean – with out being broken.

additionally, the 3-M color-quartz accessory colours could no longer rust, rub cutting-edgef or fade like other coloured aggregates because the pigment is ceramically bonded to the quartz mixture.

3). Diamond Brite colorings
those ceramic pigments form accessory colorings in Diamond Brite that give the floor a numerous and multicolored look, effectively covering up the minor imperfections that are reputedly obvious in conventional marble finishes.

eventually, the  polymer amendment latest Diamond Brite’s cement increases electricity, improves bonding and decreases water penetration. All of these capabilities combine to offer you an aesthetically beautiful yet long lasting pool finish.

here’s a quick roundup for you today’s all of the functions present day Diamond Brite:-

mixture modern day natural quartz combination
Cement changed with polymers
No rusting
No Fading
smooth to drain and smooth
immune to pool chemical compounds
Aesthetically appealing


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