Thermage BODY TIP 16.0



what is the Thermage BODY TIP Online frame Tip?
The Thermage BODY TIP Online body tip is a remedy device manufactured through Solta scientific as part of its Thermage body contouring system. It includes a platform (Thermage CPT), pores and skin marking grid paper, TH-three and TH-four hand pieces, go back pad, coupling fluid, TG-2B console, footswitch, and cryogen. It capabilities advanced volumetric heating, that’s mainly designed to lightly distribute heat. Clinically tested, it’s been accepted via the food and Drug administration (FDA).

what’s the Thermage 16.0cm² frame Tip manufactured from?
tool platform (e.g., Thermage CPT)
skin marking grid paper: Aids in clean placement along the body’s curves and angles.
TH-three and TH-4 hand portions: Conducts radio frequency to the tip.
go back pad: used in CPT remedy to offer a go back course for the RF strength.
Coupling fluid: ensures consistent electric touch among the patient’s skin and treatment tips.
TG-2B console: CPT device that provides RF strength for selective coagulation of tissue, while cooling the epidermis
Footswitch: pressing footswitch modifications device mode from equipped to lively in prep for RF delivery
Cryogen: resources cooling effects to the pores and skin in the course of the remedy.
What are the Thermage sixteen.0cm² frame Tip’s makes use of?
whilst the Thermage sixteen.0cm² body Tip meets the skin, it releases a radiofrequency deep into the skin’s collagen tissue and heats them. This stimulates collagen regeneration and tightens the collagen systems. when the Thermage 16.0cm² frame Tip is used in aggregate with the other parts, it allows to tighten sagging pores and skin and contour the body. This product additionally facilitates improve the look of cellulite.

How lengthy do the results of the Thermage 16.0cm² frame Tip closing?
The consequences of Thermage pores and skin tightening can final for years.

Product call: THERMAGE sixteen.0cm² frame TIP

producer: Solta medical

energetic Composition: tool platform, pores and skin marking grid paper, TH-3 and TH-four hand portions, return pad, coupling fluid, TG-2B console, footswitch, cryogen

% size: 1 piece

add-ons: 1 piece of Thermage sixteen.0cm² frame Tip, bundle insert


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