Reasons Of Increasing Skin Issues Due To Corona Virus Lock Down

As COVID-19 became a pandemic, government of various countries started taking measures to curb the infection and save people’s lives. One of the measures that they took was to issue a lockdown, forcing citizens to stay at home and self-isolate to break the chain of infection and contamination. As we are at home, wearing makeup or following daily skin routine has become a thing of the past. While some love that their skin is able to  breathe and thrive naturally and the complexion is getting clearer,there are also people who are battling with skin issues during the coronavirus lockdown. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that are causing this issue.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water

We all know how important it is to hydrate our body. While at work, we have a glass and a bottle of water by our side, constantly reminding us to drink water. However, when we are at home, we tend to get lazy and overlook this important thing in our daily routine. We might start eating good things but if the body is not getting enough water, it will start telling your body through your skin. The point is whether you are able to read the signs or not. If you are noticing skin issues, acne or breakout, you must start drinking more water and keep a tab on it.

Lack Or Excessive Sleep

Some of you must be working from home while some would be totally free, meaning that half of the people don’t know what to do the entire day. So they eat, watch TV or their favorite shows and then sleep at irregular time and period. As a result, they face difficulty in sleeping at night. Good sleep is essential for our body and especially skin to stay in its best condition, this the term ‘beauty sleep’. If you are not sleeping well or your body is sleep deprived, it will definitely take a toll on your skin, causing various issues.

Poor Lifestyle

Poor Lifestyle

As we have mentioned again and again, when one is in lockdown, they don’t have much to do. So they find solace in things that aren’t good for body and skin. If you are eating too many oily or fatty foods, drinking alcohol and smoking on a daily basis, you are indulging in poor lifestyle. It might help you to de-stress but it is depriving your skin of essential vitamins and nutrients, leaving it feeling dull, causing puffiness and various skin issues.  So, try to avoid these things and at the same time, try to indulge in exercise that makes you sweat.

Increased Stress

Skin issues

As during the lockdown period, you are not daily commuting to office and back home, it doesn’t mean that you body will not get too stressed anymore. There are many more things in our life and at home that can cause stress. From worrying about your kids to taking tension about decreasing income, all such things can start taking a toll on your skin’s health. What people don’t know is that when stressed, our body starts releasing cortisol. When that happens in abundance it lowers the oestrogen production which leads to a spike in androgen levels. As a result, you start noticing that your skin doesn’t look the way it used to getting any better. If possible, try to reduce your stress or do some breathing exercises that can help you to cope with the stress.

Reasons could be many leading to skin issues during lockdown period, however, you must focus on healing your body and not letting it get worse due to these reasons listed by Pharma Supplies .Don’t overlook the need of your skin and get skincare products as needed from trusted and reliable online companies. This way, you can safely get the products during coronavirus outbreak and you can heal your skin, making it gain it original beauty and softness.

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